How do I order, and what are the costs?

We have a series of infographics to help explain what we offer. It also includes typical pricing for our painting tiers.

Once you've read through the page, you can start by emailing us here. If you want to see all our completed work, you can check out the gallery.


Our services


Painting Tiers & guide Pricing


Commission process + Charging structure 

commission process infographic

Where do you ship?


Additional FAQs:

  • Are you taking new orders? Is there a wait time to begin commissions?

There is currently a 2-3 week wait before new client builds can be started. You may still book to secure a place in our studio, however. 

Please bear in mind that there's no guarantee that this will always be the case! As we grow, we may place temporary holds on new requests in order to ensure we can properly accommodate our existing workload. If you'd like to place an order or ask any other questions, contact us here.


  • Do you paint non Games Workshop miniatures, or special items like Forgeworld Titans?

Yes, but it's impossible to give you a quote that covers every request you could ask for. Instead, here's our formula: We charge roughly £80 per day of labour and for builds outside of a standard request, we may provide you a quote based on the number of days labour required. We also have plenty of experience working with resin kits and miniatures from outside of the Games Workshop range.


  • You don't have any guide pricing for your BUILD IT, BUY IT and CONVERT IT services. Why?

Unlike our painting tier guide pricing, these services have a wide range of complexity that doesn't fit well in to a single infographic. Games Workshop in particular have gone through phases of making push-fit kits like their Age of Sigmar "Soul Wars" box through to very complex, mutli-part kits like their T'au Empire Ghostkeel. We provide pricing here on a case-by-case basis. 


  • Can you teach me how to paint? Do you offer classes, Youtube videos or Twitch streams?

We're more than happy to offer advice - whilst we don't have any physical classes on the cards right now, we are happy to do it providing there's enough interest. You can email us here with those kind of ideas. In terms of setting a Youtube channel and Twitch stream, there is content in the pipeline! Watch this space.